Sophia Bush Responds to “Home-Wrecker” Accusations

Getty Images

Sophia Bush is pushing back against accusations labeling her a “home-wrecker” in her relationship with former US soccer player Ashlyn Harris, denouncing the internet rumors as “blatant lies.”

Last October, reports surfaced about Bush and Harris seeing each other, shortly after news broke of Harris and fellow soccer star Ali Krieger’s impending divorce. However, Harris had filed for divorce in mid-September, while Bush had separated from her husband a few months prior.

Addressing the allegations in her raw and emotional April 2024 Glamour cover story, Bush asserts that there was no wrongdoing on either side. She explains that she and Harris met in a support group for friends navigating divorce. Yet, as they began exploring their future together, online rumors quickly surfaced, turning ugly.

Facing threats and accusations of infidelity, Bush emphasizes the unfairness of the situation. She clarifies that her decision to end her marriage was the result of a lengthy and introspective process, not a sudden realization or impulsive act.

Bush underscores the importance of respecting privacy and avoiding speculation about personal matters shared online. Despite the challenges, she expresses gratitude for her current happiness with Harris, emphasizing the journey that led them to this point.

With her essay, Sophia Bush aims to set the record straight and reclaim her narrative, emphasizing the depth and thoughtfulness of her journey towards happiness.