Cardi B Fans Rally Behind New Single “Enough (Miami)”

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Cardi B’s latest single, “Enough (Miami),” dropped on Friday, March 15, igniting a flurry of activity among her devoted fan base. Since its release, supporters have been actively purchasing and streaming the track, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to propel the song to the top of next week’s Billboard charts.

As of the latest update, nine different versions of “Enough (Miami)” have secured spots on the U.S. iTunes chart. Billboard consolidates the sales of all these versions into a single charting entity, making each purchase across the various iterations crucial for the rapper’s chart performance.

At present, two renditions of “Enough (Miami)” have secured spots within the top 10 of the iTunes chart for the bestselling tracks in America. The original version holds steady at No. 3, maintaining its popularity since its debut, while a traditional take on the track has also been climbing the ranks, consistently residing in the upper echelons of the top 10.

Notably, a recently released sped-up remix of the song has surged into the top tier of the iTunes chart, claiming the No. 8 position. Its rapid ascent, jumping over 20 places, underscores the fervent support behind Cardi B’s latest musical offering.

Just below the top 10, three additional versions of “Enough (Miami)” are making waves on the iTunes chart. The slowed-down edition has climbed to No. 12, while the a cappella rendition and another slightly modified sped-up version occupy the No. 13 and No. 14 spots, respectively.

Further down the chart, five more iterations of “Enough (Miami)” have secured positions within the top 40 on iTunes. These variants include tweaked versions of the original, the slowed-down, the a cappella, and an instrumental rendition. Such diversity in offerings reflects the robust engagement of Cardi B’s fan base, contributing to the song’s widespread success on the platform.

While the original version of “Enough (Miami)” has enjoyed consistent sales in recent days, many of the alternate versions are experiencing significant momentum. Notably, four out of the nine versions have witnessed jumps of more than 20 places, indicating a concerted effort by a large cohort of fans to propel the tracks up the iTunes chart.

Cardi B’s fan community’s collective action highlights their unwavering support for the rapper and underscores their determination to ensure the success of her latest single. With their continued enthusiasm and engagement, “Enough (Miami)” is poised to make a significant impact on the music charts, showcasing the enduring influence of Cardi B and her devoted fan base.

Forbes Staff

Forbes Staff

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