Ilana Glazer on Portraying a Chaotic Trip in ‘Babes’

Corey Nickols/Getty Images for IMDb

Finding out you’re pregnant even as excessive on psilocybin mushrooms feels like a nightmare — but Ilana Glazer places a hilarious spin on this chaotic state of affairs in her new film, Babes.

In the comedy, Glazer’s character Eden, a single girl in New York City, discovers she’s looking ahead to a baby following a one-night time stand — all at the same time as tripping on mushrooms. Her married adolescence first-class friend Dawn (Michelle Buteau) is by way of her aspect for the duration of this inconvenient revelation.

In an unique interview with Us Weekly, Glazer admitted that portraying someone on tablets is challenging. “I find pretending to be high and pretending to trip is truly difficult honestly, and we have been going for a conventional LOL model of it,” the actress shared, noting the scene conveys “quite lots the worst ride I could believe.” Glazer explained, “I’ve had awful trips, [but] learning [you are pregnant] on mushrooms, that’s horrific. It changed into helpful that we have been doing a vast ‘just cross for it, simply be nuts’ [vibe] as it felt nuts to head there.”

Glazer and cowriter Josh Rabinowitz created the script after their supervisor, Susie Fox, predicted Glazer and her excellent pal having youngsters. At the time, Glazer was pregnant along with her now 2-yr-antique daughter, and Rabinowitz’s spouse changed into also awaiting. “This idea came to her of me getting knocked up, and we couldn’t agree with that the tale hadn’t been instructed earlier than,” Glazer defined. “Between the three of us, we had such a lot of thoughts and specific angles on this enjoy, and it become without a doubt cracking us up.”

Ultimately, Glazer hopes the movie brings cognizance to the many realities women face while expecting. “Throughout my pregnancy and giving beginning, there have been such a lot of things that were surprising,” she shared. “You can’t believe that this happens and that it’s now not at the forefront of American discourse all the time.”