Lana Del Rey Shows Surprising Support for Camila Cabello’s New Single ‘I Luv It’

Lana del Ray and Camila Cabello Getty Images (2)

Lana Del Rey surprised fans with her enthusiastic support for Camila Cabello’s latest single.

Lana Del Rey took to Instagram on Friday, March 22, sharing two black and white photos of Cabello along with the caption, “i luv it,” which coincidentally is the title of Cabello’s upcoming single. This track, “I Luv It,” is set to be featured on Cabello’s fourth studio album, titled ‘C, XOXO,’ although its release date is yet to be announced.

Following Del Rey’s post, Cabello cleared her Instagram grid but shared Del Rey’s endorsement via her Instagram Story. Whether Del Rey will have a role in the upcoming single remains a mystery, although Cabello hinted at an impending release of “I Luv It,” stating it would be coming sooner than anticipated.

Del Rey’s show of support may come as a surprise to some, considering her previous comments about the themes prevalent in today’s music industry, particularly regarding women singing about “being sexy.” However, her backing of Cabello marks a shift from her earlier stance.

In May 2020, Del Rey expressed frustration about female artists predominantly singing about themes like sex and relationships, singling out Cabello among others. However, her recent endorsement suggests a change in perspective or perhaps a recognition of Cabello’s artistic evolution.

Four years later, Cabello appears determined to carve her own path in the music industry with a new sound, which she has teased through snippets of “I Luv It” shared on social media. Despite criticism and comparisons to other artists, Cabello remains focused on her individuality and artistic growth.

In a recent interview with Paper Magazine, Cabello addressed some of the commentary surrounding her music, emphasizing her indifference to fluctuating public opinions. She acknowledged the transient nature of fame and the ever-changing landscape of popular culture, affirming her commitment to her artistic journey.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of “I Luv It” and Cabello’s forthcoming album, Del Rey’s endorsement serves as a testament to the camaraderie and support within the music industry, transcending past differences or criticisms.