Olivia Rodrigo’s Deluxe Edition of ‘Guts’ Dominates iTunes Charts

Photo courtesy Substream Magazine

Olivia Rodrigo’s latest musical venture, the deluxe edition of her sophomore album “Guts,” has swiftly surged to prominence on the iTunes charts. The release of several new tracks as part of the extended version has significantly bolstered the album’s content, attracting immediate attention from music enthusiasts.

New Tracks Make Instant Impact

Upon its release, five freshly unveiled tracks from Rodrigo’s deluxe edition quickly ascended to the top of the iTunes U.S. bestseller list. Leading the charge is “Obsessed,” which made an impressive debut at No. 6. This debut not only marks Rodrigo’s most successful addition but also stands out as the highest-ranking newcomer on the iTunes U.S. chart, outshining releases from renowned artists such as Cardi B, Shakira, Future, and Metro Boomin.

Following closely behind are four additional new tracks from Rodrigo, forming a near-uninterrupted streak of successes. “So American” secures the second-highest position among Rodrigo’s new hits, landing at No. 13, while “Stranger” follows closely at No. 14. The momentum continues with “Scared of My Guitar,” debuting at No. 16, and “Girl I’ve Always Been,” entering the chart at No. 17.

Continued Success Amidst Competition

Even amidst stiff competition, Justin Timberlake’s “Paradise” secures the No. 15 spot, chosen by fans as the standout track from his album “Everything I Thought It Was.” Despite not being released as a single, the song continues to attract significant sales on iTunes, demonstrating its enduring appeal among listeners.

Promising Outlook

Recorded in the early hours of Friday morning on the east coast, these rankings reflect the immediate impact of Rodrigo’s latest releases. Given the artist’s widespread popularity and the quality of the new tracks, it is highly likely that these songs will continue to climb higher on the iTunes charts in the days to come, solidifying Rodrigo’s position as a dominant force in the music industry.


With the release of the deluxe edition of “Guts,” Olivia Rodrigo once again demonstrates her ability to captivate audiences with her poignant lyrics and captivating melodies. As fans eagerly embrace these new additions to her repertoire, Rodrigo’s influence in the music world shows no signs of waning.