Anya Taylor-Joy’s “Wet” T-Shirt Dress at Glastonbury

Anya Taylor
Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

Anya Taylor-Joy stole the show at this year’s Glastonbury Festival with many daring fashion choices. Held at Somerset’s Worthy Farm, the festival has Hollywood’s most stylish hitting the stage and, in their wanderings, just about every other square inch of real estate on the grounds for what seemed like an impromptu runway show. The unofficial dress code around here calls for different levels of undress, and Taylor-Joy knows how to take the lead.

Embracing the “Naked” Look

The Dune: Part Two star undoubtedly turned heads with her bold outfit choice on Saturday, June 29. To the untrained eye, there was nothing out of the ordinary with the Queen’s Gambit star’s choice of clothing—a white T-shirt dress. Then she took it up a notch. She made it appear like the dress was soaking wet and practically pasted onto her body. This “water” look defined her figure perfectly while going along with the transparent, body-exposing trend.

A Bold Fashion Statement

Taylor-Joy took the whole look a notch up by hitching the hemline above to the length of a micro mini, showcasing her outfit’s contrasting black underwear in full glory. She paired up the look with an olive green jacket that was military-style and black sneakers she eventually walked barefoot in for comfort. Her Look was amped further with the liberal styling of gold jewel pieces – multiple chunky rings, necklaces, and dark Christian Dior sunnies.

Yui Mok – PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

A Quick Outfit Change

Later, Taylor-Joy swapped the coat for a pair of jorts with a fringe detail around the pockets and a fringed raw trim. She tucked her “wet” tee into the shorts and threw on a buttery yellow cap. The piled-up gold jewelry and sunnies stayed—keeping it all consistent.

The Illusion Unveiled

Interestingly, Taylor-Joy’s shirt wasn’t actually wet. It was all an optical illusion, a clever fashion trick that added to the outfit’s allure and the festival’s spirit of creativity and fun. This playful twist perfectly encapsulated Taylor-Joy’s knack for making bold fashion statements while keeping everyone guessing.


Anya Taylor-Joy’s appearance at Glastonbury was a masterclass in festival fashion. Her innovative “wet” T-shirt dress and bold styling choices ensured she stood out in the crowd of fashion-forward attendees. As always, Taylor-Joy continues to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be a style icon.