Hailey Bieber Rocks Pre-Pregnancy Style in Sheer Lace Bodysuit


Despite her pregnancy, Hailey Bieber continues to embrace her signature style. Since announcing her pregnancy in May, the 27-year-old model has stayed true to her fashion roots, opting for low-rise jeans and midriff-baring tops. Her maternity take on formalwear was first seen when she revealed her pregnancy in a white lace maxi dress on May 9.

Almost two months later, Hailey’s love for sheer outfits remains evident. On June 22, she was spotted in New York City wearing a black lace bodysuit paired with an oversized leather trench coat, a staple from her pre-pregnancy wardrobe. She completed the chic ensemble with black pumps, skinny sunglasses, and a black leather mini Wanda handbag from Ferragamo by Maximilian Davis.

Hailey’s outfit is a testament to her dedication to maintaining her personal style throughout her pregnancy. The black lace bodysuit, with its intricate design and delicate fabric, highlights her confidence and flair for fashion. The oversized leather trench coat not only adds a touch of edginess but also serves as a nod to her love for versatile and timeless pieces.


Justin Bieber’s Casual Contrast

In contrast, Justin Bieber opted for a much more relaxed look. Seen in the same photos, Justin sported white basketball shorts and a beige sweater, accessorized with an orange velvet baseball cap, white crew socks, and T-strap Mary Jane shoes resembling the $170 Dr. Martens. The couple’s contrasting styles showcase their unique fashion preferences, even during Hailey’s pregnancy.

Justin’s casual ensemble perfectly complements Hailey’s more glamorous look, highlighting their individual tastes and personalities. While Hailey embraces high fashion and elegance, Justin’s laid-back approach to style reflects his easygoing nature and comfort-first philosophy.

Hailey’s Commitment to Fashion

Hailey Bieber’s unwavering commitment to her pre-pregnancy style is inspiring for many expecting mothers who wish to maintain their fashion identity. Her ability to seamlessly blend maternity wear with her signature aesthetic demonstrates that pregnancy does not necessitate a departure from one’s personal style.

By continuing to wear bold and fashionable pieces, Hailey sets a precedent for modern maternity fashion. She proves that expecting mothers can remain chic and stylish, challenging traditional notions of maternity wear. Her choice of a sheer lace bodysuit, paired with sophisticated accessories, showcases her innovative approach to fashion and her refusal to compromise on style.

The Biebers’ Fashion Dynamic

The contrasting styles of Hailey and Justin Bieber also offer a glimpse into their dynamic as a couple. While Hailey’s high-fashion choices reflect her background as a model and her keen eye for trends, Justin’s casual outfits reveal his relaxed and playful side. Together, they present a harmonious blend of elegance and ease, making them one of the most stylish couples in the spotlight.

Their ability to effortlessly complement each other’s looks, even when dressed for different occasions, speaks to their strong relationship and mutual understanding of personal expression through fashion.


Hailey Bieber’s commitment to her pre-pregnancy style, as seen in her stunning black lace bodysuit and leather trench coat ensemble, continues to inspire and redefine maternity fashion. Alongside Justin’s casual and comfortable look, the Biebers exemplify how individuality and style can be maintained and celebrated during pregnancy. Their fashion choices not only highlight their distinct personalities but also reinforce their status as trendsetters in the celebrity fashion world.