Nicola Coughlan Elevates Urban Chic with Double-Belted Overcoat at Renegade Nell Premiere

Joe Maher/Getty Images
In the bustling streets of London, Nicola Coughlan, renowned for her role in Bridgerton, graced the premiere of Disney+’s Renegade Nell with a style that effortlessly blended sophistication with urban edge. Amidst the city’s perennial fog and rain, Coughlan embraced practicality without compromising on fashion flair.

Opting for a chic wool overcoat, Nicola Coughlan smartly left it open at the sternum, adding a touch of allure to combat the chilly weather. To accentuate her silhouette, the petite star ingeniously doubled up on black leather belts, imparting a hint of rebellious charm to her ensemble. The strategic layering not only provided structure but also imbued her look with a sense of urban chic.

 Joe Maher/Getty Images

Accessorizing with silver earrings, rings, and light purple nails, Coughlan struck the perfect balance between springtime elegance and weather-ready practicality. Her ensemble exuded confidence and individuality, showcasing her knack for effortlessly blending timeless classics with contemporary trends.

While Coughlan’s presence at the Renegade Nell premiere may have been in a supportive capacity rather than a starring role, her fashion statement undoubtedly stole the spotlight. Alongside her, series star Louisa Harland, known for her role in Derry Girls, also embraced the belted outerwear trend, further solidifying its status as a fashion must-have.

The resurgence of belts as a prominent fashion accessory is evident beyond the red carpet, with celebrities like Dua Lipa and Julia Fox incorporating them into their wardrobe in innovative ways. From corset-inspired designs to unconventional uses as jewelry, belts are reclaiming their place as a versatile and stylish addition to any outfit.

As fashion continues to evolve, it’s clear that the humble belt is experiencing a renaissance, offering endless possibilities for creative expression and individual style. So, whether cinched around the waist or draped as jewelry, belts are making a bold statement in the world of fashion, signaling a revival of 2010s trends with a modern twist.