Rihanna Embraces Natural Curls Ahead of Fenty Hair Launch


Rihanna, renowned for her ever-changing hairstyles, expands her Fenty Beauty brand to include hair care with Fenty Hair products launching on June 13 at fentyhair.com. To tease the upcoming launch, Rihanna debuted a striking new look in New York City on June 9, sporting a pixie cut reminiscent of her 2007 style while embracing her natural curls. Her chic ensemble included a fur coat, black pants, and clear heels.

This return to her natural hair aligns perfectly with the ethos of Fenty Hair, inspired by Rihanna’s passion for hair experimentation. Taking to Instagram, she expressed, “Switching up my hair matters to me. I’ve explored almost every texture, color, and length. I’m introducing a versatile line of products designed to strengthen and repair all hair types.”

Rihanna’s anticipation for Fenty Hair underscores her personal hair journey. “It’s time to play and strengthen through style,” she remarked. “It’s time to finally enjoy the hair experience you’ve been waiting for.” Her commitment to hair diversity and health shines through, promising products catering to various hair types and needs.

Continuously reinventing herself, Rihanna keeps fans eagerly anticipating her next move. With Fenty Hair, she aims to empower individuals with tools for versatile, healthy hair. This venture is poised to make waves in the beauty industry, mirroring the success of her previous Fenty releases. By embracing her natural curls, Rihanna sends a potent message about self-affirmation and hair well-being, encouraging fans to experiment and care for their hair confidently.

Her influence in beauty continues to ascend, and Fenty Hair is anticipated to be another groundbreaking addition to her empire. As anticipation mounts for the launch, fans eagerly anticipate how Rihanna’s personal hair journey will inspire their own transformations.