Sydney Sweeney’s Artistic Statement: A Naked-Like Top Steals the Spotlight at ‘Immaculate’ Premiere


Sydney Sweeney, known for her impeccable fashion choices, made waves once again with a captivating ensemble at the premiere of her new horror movie, “Immaculate.” Stepping onto the red carpet alongside her grandmothers, who also star in the film, Sweeney turned heads with a bold fashion statement that was both daring and artistic.

Fashion-Filled Week: In the lead-up to the premiere, Sydney Sweeney showcased an array of stunning looks, each more glamorous than the last. From a Marilyn Monroe-inspired moment at the Oscars after-party to a custom Miu Miu gown at the GLAAD Media Awards, Sweeney’s fashion choices have been nothing short of show-stopping.


A Literal Work of Art: However, it was her ensemble at the “Immaculate” premiere that truly stole the spotlight. Sweeney arrived wearing a bright white three-dimensional top that resembled a sculptural masterpiece. The unique garment featured a set of lifelike arms wrapped around her waist, holding a bouquet of flowers that delicately covered her chest and torso, creating a mesmerizing naked-like effect.

Brazen Elegance: Opting to go braless underneath the daring top, Sweeney exuded confidence and poise as she confidently showcased the intricate design. The focus remained solely on the sculptural masterpiece, with Sweeney pairing it with understated high-waisted black wide-leg pants and accessorizing with subtle gold hoops and classic black pointed-toe pumps.

Glamorous Details: In terms of glam, Sweeney embraced a sleek and sophisticated look, sporting a slicked-back bob with a single face-framing strand, reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. A swipe of nude lip gloss and soft shimmery eyeshadow added a touch of luminosity to her flawless complexion, completing the glamorous ensemble with effortless elegance.

An Emotional Red Carpet Moment: Adding to the significance of the evening, Sweeney was accompanied by both of her grandmothers, who play a special role in “Immaculate.” Reflecting on the experience, Sweeney shared the heartwarming story of surprising her grandmothers with a trip to Europe, fulfilling their lifelong dreams of visiting Italy and allowing them to be extras in the film.

Celebrating Family and Artistry: As Sweeney graced the red carpet in her striking ensemble, she not only celebrated her own artistry but also paid tribute to the cherished bond she shares with her family. The presence of her grandmothers added an extra layer of significance to the event, highlighting the importance of love, support, and shared experiences in the world of entertainment.

Conclusion: Sydney Sweeney’s bold fashion statement at the “Immaculate” premiere was a testament to her fearless approach to style and her commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of fashion. With each stunning ensemble, she continues to captivate audiences and cement her status as a true fashion icon in Hollywood.

Forbes Staff

Forbes Staff

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