Meet Amberly Lago, The “Unstoppable woman” of power, passion, and resilience.


Discover resilience with Amberly Lago and learn the secret to tapping into life’s joy through her empowering ideas, inspirational stories, and more.

All those who have walked their ladder of success across sectors around the world did not reach their full potential or their definition of success overnight. No one had it like a walk in the park. Many have had to fight tooth and nail and do the unconventional to reach where they are today. “However, you cannot achieve your desired success until you go all in and work with resilience,” says Amberly Lago, “The Unstoppable Woman” of power, passion, and resilience. In all these years, Amberly Lago has risen as a beacon of hope, inspiration, and resilience for many worldwide, especially for women.

Amberly Lago, a former professional dancer and fitness trainer who has turned into a multifaceted personality and thrives by helping others in their lives, is known for her ability to inspire and empower individuals through her life story, podcast, workshops, and keynote speeches. She has emerged as a beacon of light in the form of a motivational speaker, bestselling author, and the founder of “Unstoppable Life Women,” which is all about female leaders who dream big. With her unique community and events under this brand, she ignites women’s influence and increases their impact and income. The next event is scheduled for 2025 in Dallas. “I’m inspired to do more and be more committed to igniting influence, increasing impact, and boosting income for female leaders who dream big,” she shares.

Amberly Lago’s life story is a testament to her resilience. She is a former professional dancer and athlete. Still, after facing a life-altering accident that left her in chronic pain, instead of succumbing to despair, she chose to transform her life and change tragedy into triumph by sharing her life’s journey to inspire the lives of others around the world. Her bestselling book “True Grit and Grace” and her top 1% podcast, “The Amberly Lago Show,” offer empowering ideas and inspirational stories that help individuals elevate their lives and businesses.


She explains resilience and how people can overcome their life’s challenges. “Resilient people don’t let adversity define them, but instead find the courage to move forward towards a goal beyond themselves.” She teaches that resilience involves developing a mindset that embraces growth and finds strength in vulnerability. Her varied, powerful workshops and inspiring keynote speeches are about this and also focus on practical strategies for building resilience, such as –

Resilience, Roadblocks, & The Power to Overcome: This workshop discusses key strategies for overcoming challenges and hurdles and helps participants build mental toughness and adaptability.

PACER: The Chronic Pain Strategy That Changed Amberly’s Life: She shares her proven method of living with chronic pain, emphasizing the importance of mindset and positive action.

The Secret of Inspirational Living: This is a comprehensive plan for daily filling one’s life with energy, inspiration, and motivation.

Amberly Lago explains whether grit is the key predictor of success, explaining that grit combines passion and perseverance and is also a key factor for success. Her story illustrates that true grit involves relentless effort and unwavering determination, no matter the challenges or circumstances. Through her podcast, she ensures that she dives deep into the world’s brightest thought leaders and elite performers, exploring how grit has played a pivotal role in making them who they are in their journeys.

She has also created a revolutionary podcast named The Amberly Lago Show, which is all about empowering ideas and inspirational stories of resilience capable of igniting the fire within people to elevate their lives and businesses. It is thus ranked in the global top 1% on Apple. The stories she discusses in her podcast are true, heartfelt, and revolutionary about the struggles and success of thought leaders and elite performers. The podcast inspires, educates, and empowers listeners to claim their resilience and thrive in all walks of life.

Through her speeches and workshops, Amberly Lago (@amberlylagomotivation) ensures lasting change. She is a powerhouse on stage and captivates everyone with her energy, positivity, and authenticity, whether in front of thousands in a stadium or a small group in a boardroom.

The TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and top-rated podcast host, who has been featured on top media outlets worldwide, such as USA Today as one of the “Top 8 Most Influential Speakers,” Doctors TV, The TODAY Show, and many others, ignites people’s influence and impact to inspire them to elevate their lives and businesses.