Stirring positive noise and inspiring young talents, Victoria Larsen shines as Miss Supranational Denmark 2024.


From a dreamer to an achiever from Denmark, Victoria Larsen, the Miss Supranational Denmark 2024, turns heads with her robust portfolio of work and achievements.

To realize dreams and then work on them relentlessly to see them turn into reality is something only those who consistently put in the hard work can achieve in life. “Obstacles and challenges are always there, as they are part and parcel of everyone’s journey, but how one chooses to overcome them and rise above them to become their best versions defines their success,” says Victoria Larsen, a name who has been stirring positive noise lately while also inspiring young talents shining bright as Miss Supranational Denmark 2024.

The pageantry world recently welcomed with open arms a new luminary, Victoria Larsen, who only as a 21-year-old can make others run for their money in the world of modeling with her exhaustive list of achievements at a very young age. The Danish marvel and beauty is crowned the prestigious Miss Supranational Denmark 2024, thanks to her diverse background; born to a Danish father, Henrik Larsen, and an Anglo-Indian mother of Indian, Spanish, and Filipino descent, hailing from Copenhagen and standing tall as a global citizen.Victoria

Her diverse background and embracement of varied cultures are reflected in her personality, which echoes values of compassion, empathy, resilience, passion, and empowerment. Her upbringing mirrors the rich canvas of experiences and cultures shaping her views. Her stints in her home country, besides her experiences in Dubai and New York, have allowed her to stand apart from her contemporaries as she fostered a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of cultures and the beauty found in embracing diversity.

As a very young model, this luminous beauty and talent has also stunned people with her academic greatness, studying communications and real estate at Syracuse University in New York, embodying the ethos of continuous learning and empowerment. Speaking on the same, the young modeling phenomenon says, “It’s vital for all the youngsters out there to realize the importance of education and continuous learning in life as that will help them shape their worldview while acting as a catalyst for positive change.”

Victoria Larsen has not just aced with academic excellence but has also showcased her prowess and passion in sports, be it tennis and skiing or yoga and aerial yoga; she believes in the power of holistic wellness and nurturing the mind, body, and soul. Traveling to over 40 countries so far in her journey, she has understood the transformative power of human connection, which has only motivated her to spread the good among others, focusing on making more genuine efforts for society and getting her hands dipped into humanitarian causes to serve the underserved communities.

Her advocacy for homelessness and her genuine and conscious efforts to make a transformative positive difference in people’s lives by providing human services and ensuring homes for all the homeless showcase her public-spirited and magnanimous heart.

This very quality of hers of being there for the ones in need and walking on the path of philanthropy to create a powerful social impact and support empowerment are also critical factors that today have crowned her the Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 title. Her social welfare work includes working for meaningful causes like orphan support and homelessness and working for the underprivileged and women’s empowerment. She looks at pageantry as a platform that gives her the power to highlight meaningful advocacy and personal growth, push boundaries, and embrace new challenges on her path.Victoria

With her philanthropic work, she aims to serve as a great example, especially for youngsters, to help them understand how a life without purpose is only a lie. “One must work toward a powerful purpose in life and make every possible effort to make the lives of others the best. This will always motivate them to be their best versions while inspiring a whole new generation toward humanitarian work,” she shares.

Winning the Miss Supranational Denmark 2024 title, Victoria Larsen has become a champion of global citizenship. She attributes this success to her steadfast belief that she is more than she thinks she is, her vision and passion for bringing positive change in society, and her strong belief in the power of humanity. The Danish girl radiates values of compassion, empathy, and inclusivity, rooted deep into Denmark’s cultures while also being committed to sustainability and innovation. Her winning the coveted crown also represents Denmark’s ethos of resilience and creativity.

After grappling with shyness as a youngster, choosing to overcome her inner struggles, and putting in the required efforts to step onto a global stage, representing her country, Victoria Larsen proved how winning on the solid values and ethos of the place one comes from play a pivotal role in helping a person turn their stories from being ordinary to becoming extraordinary. Also, her grounded nature and humility have helped her come a long way in her challenging journey, endearing her fans and supporters and inspiring others with her unwavering commitment to personal development.

The model and actress from Dubai, currently based in Dubai, the UAE, began her journey at the naïve age of 16 and became a fashion model when her entrepreneur-mother, Nicole Rodrigues, signed her with Diva Dubai.

So far, Victoria Larsen (@imvictorialarsen), apart from becoming the Miss Supranational Denmark 2024, has been featured in top-notch magazines worldwide and has modeled for renowned jewelry brands and designers globally. She embodies the essence of global citizenship and serves as a true inspiration to all.