Begin Again Films Secures Juan Gautier’s ‘The Aspirant’ for Distribution and Sales Rights

Courtesy of Begin Again Films

Madrid-based Begin Again Films has successfully acquired both Spanish distribution and international sales rights to Juan Gautier’s compelling psychological thriller “El aspirante” (“The Aspirant”), which delves into the dark world of initiation rites within a masculine environment centered around hazing in a university residence.

“El aspirante” made its debut at this year’s Málaga Work in Progress’ WIP España sidebar, a significant event at the Málaga Film Festival, now in its 27th edition.

The film stars Jorge Motos, renowned for his role in the acclaimed 2021 film “Lucas,” which earned him a Málaga Silver Biznaga for best actor and a prestigious Goya best new actor nomination. Joining Motos are Lucas Nabor (“All the Names of God”), Eduardo Rosa (“La casa de las flores”), and Catalina Sopelana (“Sky Rojo”), completing the main cast.

Set on the eve of hazing at the Tolentino university residence, “The Aspirant” follows Carlos and Dani as they embark on a 24-hour challenge to gain acceptance. However, they soon find themselves confronting their darkest inner demons, leading to unforeseen tragedy.

The film was produced by Andrea Gautier at Smiz and Pixel, in collaboration with Kabiria Films, La Bestia Produce, and Featurent. The screenplay was penned by Juan Gautier, Josep Gómez Frechilla, and Samuel Hurtado.

Siblings Juan and Andrea Gautier have been pioneers in creating educational content from a gender perspective through their production house, Smiz and Pixel, since 2008. Their journey began when they received an assignment from an NGO to create a video addressing masculinity and its link to violent behavior, leading them to explore the theme of hazing in high schools.

“Hazing has been a recurring theme in my work, both in short films and documentaries,” stated Juan Gautier, director of the 2021 documentary “Shooting for Mirza,” which explores the legacy of Bosnian basketball legend Mirza Delibasic. “It serves as a microcosm for broader issues surrounding gender roles, offering insights into the construction of masculinity through obedience and authoritarianism.”

Begin Again Films, known for its commitment to high-quality cinema, particularly in the indie space, has secured a reputation for discovering and championing emerging talents and daring storytelling. Their titles have consistently garnered acclaim and recognition at prestigious festivals worldwide, including Rotterdam, the Berlinale, San Sebastián, Mar del Plata, Jeonju, HotDocs, and New York.

With “The Aspirant,” Begin Again Films continues its tradition of supporting innovative and thought-provoking cinema, poised to captivate audiences both locally and internationally with its compelling narrative and insightful exploration of contemporary social issues.

Christopher B. Mueller | Staff

Christopher B. Mueller | Staff

Christopher B. Mueller is a multifaceted entrepreneur, renowned for his dynamic approach to business and his unwavering dedication to driving positive change. With a diverse background spanning various industries, Christopher's journey epitomizes the spirit of innovation and resilience that defines the modern entrepreneurial landscape.