Kino Lorber Secures North American Distribution Rights for Bruno Dumont’s ‘The Empire’ After Berlinale Success

Kino Lorber has solidified its position as the distributor of Bruno Dumont’s latest creation, “The Empire,” following its success at the Berlin Film Festival, where it clinched the prestigious Silver Bear Jury Prize. This sci-fi satire, boasting a stellar cast including Anamaria Vartolomei, Camille Cottin, Lyna Khoudri, and Fabrice Luchini, promises an exhilarating cinematic experience for North American audiences.

Set against the backdrop of a tranquil fishing village in Northern France, “The Empire” unfolds a tale of extraordinary proportions. A remarkable child’s birth ignites a clandestine conflict between extraterrestrial forces, plunging Earth into an apocalyptic struggle for dominance between the cosmic entities One and Zero.

Richard Lorber, chairman and CEO of Kino Lorber, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, praising Dumont’s audacity in pushing cinematic boundaries with philosophical insight and visual splendor. Lorber highlighted the unique special effects employed in the film, promising audiences an unparalleled viewing experience.

The acquisition of “The Empire” marks Kino Lorber’s sixth collaboration with Dumont, cementing a fruitful partnership that has brought audiences acclaimed films such as “Li’l Quinquin” and “Camille Claudel 1915.” With plans for a theatrical release later this year, followed by a comprehensive rollout across home video and digital platforms, Kino Lorber aims to deliver Dumont’s visionary narrative to a wide audience.

The deal for “The Empire” was brokered by Kino Lorber SVP Wendy Lidell and Alexandre Moreau for Memento International, underscoring the film’s international appeal and marketability. The film has already garnered attention globally, with distribution secured in key territories including France, Benelux, Italy, and Sweden.

Kino Lorber’s acquisition of “The Empire” adds to its impressive roster of critically acclaimed titles, further solidifying its position as a leading distributor of innovative and thought-provoking cinema. With a commitment to bringing diverse and engaging stories to audiences, Kino Lorber continues to push boundaries and redefine the cinematic landscape.

In addition to “The Empire,” Kino Lorber’s recent acquisitions include the Sundance hit “Sebastian” and Kaouther Ben Hania’s “Four Daughters,” nominated for Best Documentary at the Oscars. These acquisitions underscore Kino Lorber’s ongoing commitment to showcasing compelling narratives from around the world, ensuring a rich and diverse cinematic experience for audiences.