Marvel Reportedly Recasting Kang for ‘Avengers’ Films, Minus Jonathan Majors


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has hit a snag with the departure of Jonathan Majors due to assault charges, leading to uncertainties about the future of the character Kang. Majors, who was set to portray the multiverse-spanning villain, has been let go by Marvel, leaving the role open for speculation. The question arises: should Kang be recast with a new actor or replaced altogether?

Insider reports suggest that Marvel is leaning towards recasting Kang for upcoming projects, including Avengers 5 and its sequel, Avengers: Secret Wars. Previously titled “The Kang Dynasty,” Avengers 5 was expected to center around Kang’s storyline. Despite Majors’ exit, Marvel seems determined to keep Kang as a central antagonist, potentially with a secondary villain alongside. However, the specifics of this second villain remain unclear.

Recasting Kang poses its challenges, considering Majors’ portrayal and the character’s significance in the MCU. While there are no confirmed replacements, actor Coleman Domingo has been mentioned as a possible candidate and has expressed openness to the idea. Given the multiverse’s narrative flexibility, introducing a new actor as Kang is plausible, aligning with the franchise’s established lore.

The decision to retain Kang likely stems from the extensive planning involved in MCU storylines. Scrapping Kang-centric narratives entirely would require significant reworking of multiple films and story arcs. Recasting offers a more straightforward solution to maintain continuity and honor existing storylines.

In addition to Kang, speculation arises about the potential inclusion of another major villain, possibly Doctor Doom or Galactus. With ties to the Fantastic Four, these characters could feature prominently in upcoming MCU phases, setting the stage for epic confrontations beyond Kang’s arc. Doctor Doom, in particular, holds significance in the Secret Wars storyline, suggesting his involvement in future MCU projects.

As Marvel navigates the challenges posed by Majors’ departure, fans eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the new Kang and the unfolding of intricate storylines that will shape the future of the MCU. With exciting possibilities on the horizon, including the introduction of iconic villains, the MCU continues to captivate audiences with its expansive and interconnected universe.