Melissa Benoist Leads “The Girls on the Bus” Cast in Inspiring Voter Engagement


Melissa Benoist, known for her iconic role in “Supergirl,” is taking on a new challenge in the Max series “The Girls on the Bus.” Stepping into the shoes of a political journalist, Benoist joins a team of female reporters as they embark on the campaign trail in the midst of a tumultuous presidential election year.

During the show’s premiere in New York City, Melissa Benoist expressed her hopes that “The Girls on the Bus” would do more than just entertain viewers; she believes it could inspire young people to engage in the political process and cast their votes in November. Reflecting on the importance of every election, Benoist emphasized the significance of remaining passionate, informed, and having one’s voice heard.

Joining Benoist in the cast are Carla Gugino, Natasha Behnam, and Christina Elmore, portraying a diverse group of journalists whose shared experiences on the press bus forge a strong sisterhood amidst competition and differing beliefs. Benoist acknowledges that her fan base, accustomed to her portrayal of a superhero, may find “The Girls on the Bus” different, but she believes the show will captivate audiences by shedding light on the realities of journalism and the quest for truth in today’s media landscape.

From the creative minds of Julie Plec and Amy Chozick, “The Girls on the Bus” draws inspiration from Chozick’s own experiences as a political reporter covering various presidential campaigns. With an esteemed lineup of executive producers and showrunners, including Greg Berlanti and Rina Mimoun, the series promises a gripping narrative that delves into the challenges and complexities of political journalism.

Speaking on Benoist’s role in attracting viewers, Chozick expressed admiration for the actress’s devoted fan base and hopes they will follow her to this new project, recognizing Benoist’s brilliance as she takes on a multifaceted character in “The Girls on the Bus.”

As “The Girls on the Bus” prepares to debut on Max, audiences can anticipate a thought-provoking and compelling exploration of the media landscape amidst the backdrop of a high-stakes political arena.