Stormy Daniels and Judd Apatow Unveil Provocative Documentary ‘Stormy’ at SXSW


Amidst tears and laughter, Stormy Daniels and acclaimed filmmaker Judd Apatow premiered “Stormy,” a compelling documentary shedding light on Daniels’ tumultuous journey, at SXSW. The film, airing on Peacock, chronicles the life of the renowned porn star thrust into the national spotlight after revelations of a hushed affair with former President Donald Trump, orchestrated by his lawyer Michael Cohen with a $130,000 payout.

In a moment of candid defiance following the screening on March 8, Daniels vocalized her sentiments with a resolute “Fuck Trump,” encapsulating the defiance and resilience depicted throughout the film.

Directed and produced by Sarah Gibson, “Stormy” delves into the personal and political dimensions of Daniels’ life, exploring her experiences as a mother and a career woman amidst the aftermath of her alleged involvement with Trump. Judd Apatow, serving as executive producer through his Apatow Productions, described the 110-minute documentary as a blend of political commentary and character study.

The film offers a fly-on-the-wall perspective, capturing Daniels’ life as the scandal unfolded during Trump’s presidency, and the subsequent legal battles that ensued. Daniels’ defiance against Trump’s denials and her pursuit of justice against Cohen are portrayed with raw authenticity, highlighting the toll such high-stakes battles took on her life.

During the premiere, Daniels reminisced about her connection with Apatow, dating back 20 years when he offered her a role in “40-Year-Old Virgin.” Despite facing personal tragedy, Apatow’s understanding and compassion endeared him to Daniels, forging a lasting bond beyond the film industry.

While “Stormy” arrives amidst a politically charged climate, Apatow emphasizes its intent to humanize Daniels and evoke empathy from viewers. Acknowledging the skepticism surrounding the documentary’s potential to sway political allegiances, Apatow hopes it will foster a deeper understanding of Daniels’ multifaceted identity and the challenges she faced amidst relentless media scrutiny.

Erin Lee Carr, producer of “Stormy” and director of “Britney vs. Spears,” shed light on the documentary’s inception and the subsequent collaboration with Peacock. The film’s exploration of Daniels’ legal battles, including her tumultuous relationship with former attorney Michael Avenatti, aims to shed light on systemic issues within the legal system.

“Stormy” stands as a testament to Daniels’ resilience in the face of adversity, offering a poignant reflection on power, politics, and the pursuit of justice in contemporary America.