Margaret Qualley to Portray Amanda Knox in Hulu Limited Series

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Margaret Qualley, known for her riveting performances in acclaimed series and films, is set to tackle another challenging role as she steps into the shoes of Amanda Knox in an upcoming Hulu limited series. The untitled project, ordered for eight one-hour episodes, delves into the true story of Knox’s wrongful conviction for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher and her subsequent journey to reclaim her innocence.

Renowned writer and executive producer KJ Steinberg, whose credits include hit shows like “This Is Us” and “Gossip Girl,” spearheads the series, promising an in-depth exploration of Knox’s harrowing ordeal. Qualley, in addition to portraying Knox, will also serve as an executive producer, bringing her creative insight and talent to the project.

The Littlefield Company, led by Warren Littlefield, Lisa Harrison, Ann Johnson, and Graham Littlefield, joins forces with Monica Lewinsky and Knox Robinson Productions to produce the series. With such a stellar team behind the scenes, audiences can expect a gripping and authentic portrayal of Knox’s tumultuous journey through the justice system.

For Qualley, this marks her second foray into portraying real-life figures in a limited series format. Her previous role in Netflix’s “Maid,” based on the memoir by Stephanie Land, earned her critical acclaim and prestigious award nominations, including a Golden Globe and Emmy nod. With her stellar track record in both television and film, Qualley is poised to deliver a compelling and nuanced performance as she delves into the complexities of Knox’s story.

Amanda Knox’s story has captivated audiences worldwide, inspiring numerous onscreen adaptations and documentaries. From Lifetime’s “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy” to the recent film “Stillwater,” her case continues to intrigue and provoke thought. Now, with Qualley at the helm of this Hulu limited series, viewers can anticipate a fresh perspective on one of the most compelling legal dramas of our time.

As production gears up and anticipation mounts, Margaret Qualley’s portrayal of Amanda Knox promises to be a tour de force, shedding light on the enduring quest for justice and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. With its compelling narrative and powerhouse cast, this Hulu limited series is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of true crime storytelling