Top 10 Influential People To Look Out For In 2024

1. Victoria Larsen


Victoria Larsen turns heads as Miss Supranational Denmark 2024. She was born to a Danish father and an Anglo-Indian mother. The newly crowned at only 21 years of age boasts an impressive portfolio of achievements. Her diverse heritage has shaped her into a global citizen with unique perspectives and a charming personality. Her varied work experiences across New York and Dubai and travels to over 40 countries helped her gain innumerable experiences, reflecting her deep appreciation for cultural interconnectedness.

Academically, Victoria excels in communications and real estate studies at Syracuse University. Her holistic approach to life includes her passion for sports like skiing, tennis, yoga, and aerial yoga. Apart from her excellence as a shining pageant holder, becoming Miss Supranational Denmark in 2024, Victoria is also a philanthropist. She advocates for homelessness and works on several social welfare projects, such as women’s empowerment, orphan support, etc.

She is passionate, authentic, compassionate, resilient, and empathetic and committed to making a positive societal impact.


2. Aldo Corbo

Dental care, Aldo Corbo‘s plans to slow down the flight of Italians abroad

Dental Centers Aldo Corbo implements a 50 million per year plan to combat dental tourism, which sees over 200,000 Italians go abroad a year to perform dental treatments.  The Sicilian group is studying a new franchising system and allies itself with international players

New operators are ready to fight so-called dental tourism, a phenomenon which sees over 200 thousand Italians a year go abroad to perform dental treatments.  An increasing trend, according to the Compass Observatory report, with 36% of Italians willing to go beyond the border for prosthetics, implants and periodontal therapies.  Yet, in at least one in three cases, upon return, problems appear that make a new intervention necessary, nullifying savings and care and underlining, above all, the poor quality and skills outside national borders.


3. Natasha De Graaf Smolska

Natalia De Graaf Smolska, affectionately called Natasha, is a force to be reckoned with in aesthetic medicine and beyond. The Den Haag, Holland talent made her name prominent with exclusive world records as a multi-skilled personality. The doctor of aesthetic medicine founded Liquid Beauty Clinic in 2011. Here, she combines her medical expertise with a profound passion for beauty. Her clinic has expanded into four locations across the Netherlands, offering top-notch cosmetic procedures driven to provide clients with desired results through innovative and safe techniques.

Natalia has also proven her mettle as a singer and photo model. In 2022, she received the prestigious title of 1st Runner-Up at Miss Classic Grand Sea World, and now, in 2024, she will compete as Miss Netherlands Universe Official. She recently received the Digital Fashion Crypto Award at Cannes on May 15th, 2024, which recognized her brilliance in beauty and business.

Natalia, who holds degrees from Lviv Medical University and Leiden University, has now dipped her hands into philanthropy, offering treatments to cancer survivors. Natalia De Graaf Smolska showcases her excellence in medical precision, creative aesthetic artistry, and compassionate care, standing tall among others.


4. Bibba Pacheco

Bibba Pacheco is a Spiritual Health & Wellness Influencer, Best Selling Author, Harvard Life Coach, Chopra Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, and International DJ/Music Producer. She has offered wisdom, healing and love to millions of people around the world through transcendental experiences: music, books, yoga classes, meditation, mindfulness, manifestation, life coaching and self-development courses. With her divine talent, Bibba Pacheco guides you to a magnificent empowering inner journey towards the enlightened path of perfect health, peace, love, success and divine prosperity.


5. Mojdeh Bahamin

Mojdeh Bahamin, CEO & Founder of Privée LA.

When Mojdeh Bahamin launched Privée LA, the goal was to create the ultimate luxury experiences for its clients. Her vision was to establish an intimate clientele, foster warm relationships, and provide seamless, uniquely tailored services. The concierge industry focuses on making people happy, enhancing their lives, engineering special moments, and fulfilling their dreams. With a background in events and hospitality, these objectives come naturally to the founder. The boutique community at Privée LA is designed to make clients feel comfortable and at ease, with privacy, luxury, and comfort at the core of its offerings.

From corporate to elite private travel, Privée LA offers exclusive access to the most sought-after experiences and a curated selection of top-tier events tailored to any taste or wish. Collaborating with over 100 international affiliates, Privée LA ensures that clients receive exceptional care no matter where they are. Every detail is meticulously managed, including arrangements for private charter flights and yachts. Privée LA proudly serves family offices, financial institutions, and high-net-worth individuals among its clientele.

Privée LA is on the verge of launching a new division, Privée Entertainment. This ticketing and package platform will allow clients to select events and create packages from a vast catalogue of sports, Broadway, and entertainment tickets worldwide, including events like F1, the US Open, and virtually any music event around the globe.


6. Daisy Morgan

Daisy Morgan is the Co-Founder and Director of 9skin, a skincare brand that she has helped expand into 5 countries within just 7 months and is now launching exclusively on Tira Beauty. Driven by her own struggles with problematic skin, Daisy has developed unique formulas using the latest nanotechnology to deliver exceptional results.

With the help of her celebrity partners, well-known actress Nayanthara, who is the brain behind the aesthetic design of the packaging, and director Vignesh Shivan, who contributes to the marketing content, the trio has propelled 9skin to worldwide recognition. As a proud single mother of 4 girls, Daisy is now set to capture the European and American markets by the end of the year.

Daisy’s passion, innovation, and determination have been instrumental in 9skin’s rapid global growth. Her personal journey and the brand’s ethos of “love” have resonated strongly with consumers around the world.


7. Gentile Chhun

Gentille Chhun is a distinguished entrepreneur, real estate mogul, and reality TV personality, renowned for her dynamic industry presence. With a keen eye for opportunities, Gentille has carved a niche by investing in residential and commercial properties, transforming them into profitable ventures. Her strategic acumen and innovative approach have earned her a formidable reputation. Celebrated for navigating the complexities of the real estate market, she leverages her expertise to maximize returns for herself and her clients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Gentille is known for her philanthropic efforts, supporting various community initiatives and charitable causes. Her story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of determination, strategic thinking, and a commitment to giving back.

Gentille’s journey to success as an immigrant from Cambodia, arriving in the USA with her mother and starting over, is a testament to her resilience, perseverance, and business savvy.


8. Naz Maer

Designer Naz Maer was born in Russia at the moment and lives and works in Paris. conquered many times Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris

His outfits are decorated with the red carpets of the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals.

Today, all the world’s best publications write about the incredible success of the young designer. The covers of Vogue, L’OFFICIEL, ELLE, Glam, Harpers Bazaar, and many other glosses did not remain indifferent to this successful and young designer.

Recently, Milan Fashion Week was held in Milan, and then PARIS FASHION WEEK was held in Paris. They were attended by a talented, famous Russian designer Naz Mayer, who conquered the audience with his works.

Naz Mayer admitted that at the beginning of his journey, he did not even imagine that he would be able to conquer the world catwalks, that his name would be in the fashion calendars of Milan and Paris along with legendary brands. But faith in yourself, constant work and honing of skills allowed dreams to come true. The designer presented capsule collections of evening outfits on European stages. His works were admired by the most avid fashionistas from all over the world.

A distinctive feature of the display of Naz Maer’s works was multi-format models. Couturier invited girls of different ages and complexes to show.


9. Cynthia Accosta


Cynthia Acosta, author of the acclaimed “Pretty Bold Series,” delves into bold and controversial subjects with fearless authenticity. We first meet Cindy as a fierce businesswoman, spokesmodel, and philanthropist. But it was her determination to challenge the status quo that fueled her passion for writing.

Once Cindy discovered the power of her own voice, she began helping others find theirs and fulfilled her dreams by putting her own truths to pen and paper.

Cindy’s writing journey is marked by her commitment to confronting uncomfortable truths head-on. Through her series, she aims to challenge preconceived notions, dismantle stereotypes, and spark meaningful dialogue on issues such as women in business, relationship roles, confidence, and mental health.

The “Pretty Bold Series” stands as a testament to Cindy’s dedication to amplifying marginalized voices and illuminating society’s darkest corners. And as she always says, “I see you. I am you… You can sit with me.”


10. Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper is a distinguished tattoo artist renowned for his innovative designs and masterful colour work. Based at, Mike has carved out a niche in the tattoo industry with his unique style that blends traditional techniques with modern flair. His speciality lies in creating vibrant, detailed pieces that not only stand out visually but also carry personal significance for his clients.

With a passion for art that began in his early years, Mike has developed a deep understanding of artistic expression, which he skillfully translates into his tattoo work. His dedication to the craft is evident in each piece he creates, ensuring that every design is tailored to meet the individual needs and stories of his clients. At, Mike continues to push the boundaries of tattoo art, making him a sought-after artist for those looking for something truly special.

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