1. Joseph W Griffin Jr

Joseph W. Griffin Jr. is a distinguished expert in tax deed investments, renowned for his extensive knowledge and pioneering strategies in the field. With a passion for educating others, Joseph has dedicated himself to teaching individuals about the intricacies of tax deeds and their potential for lucrative investment opportunities.

As an esteemed educator, Joseph empowers his students with comprehensive insights into tax laws, property assessment, and investment analysis. Through his dynamic teaching style, he simplifies complex concepts, making them accessible to beginners and seasoned investors alike. Joseph’s guidance equips individuals with the tools and confidence needed to navigate the tax deed market successfully.

Beyond his teaching endeavours, Joseph is actively involved in mentoring aspiring investors, providing personalised advice and support to help them achieve their financial goals. His commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering growth has earned him a reputation as a trusted authority in tax deed investing, inspiring countless individuals to embark on their own path to financial success.


       2.Willie J.

Willie J. a native of East Saint Louis and Washington Park, Illinois is the founder and CEO of the world-renowned award-winning company Pure Mission Entertainment.

Who is now riding high off of his most recent feature in the New York Weekly Magazine’s Top 10 Emerging Celebrities of 2024: Shaping the Future of Stardom, featuring the superstar celebrities Beyonce, Zendaya, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many more.

Willie is a well-known award-winning entrepreneur, poet, global recording artist, Maxwell Leadership coach, inspirational speaker and a 4 times #1 International Best Selling Author. Who recently co-authored the #1 International Bestseller “ Beyond Boundaries: Thriving In Life’s Grey Zone anthology book.

He is now preparing to co-author his 5th anthology this month entitled “ The Book of Human Empowerment”, Vol.1 “Purpose & Mindset.” shortly afterwards he will be releasing his highly anticipated personal growth and development book entitled “Never Stop Winning” Volume One ( Win Your Way). Which will be followed by a global “ Win Your Way”  workshop seminar tour worldwide.

As a chart-topping recording artist, Willie Js music has been heard in about 185 countries with over 28 million streams all across social media.

He has been seen on platforms like ABC30, CBS, Broadway World, Yahoo, Fox, The New Jersey Times, NY Times Square Billboard, GQ Magazine, XXL, MTV, and on the front cover of Morocco Forbes Magazine. Which features the smash hit single  “Never Let U Go.”A heartfelt dedication to all of the earthquake victims of Morocco.

He is now gearing up for the major release of his soulful hit single entitled “Forever.” Which will be featured on his forthcoming Love EP that is dropping worldwide this Fall 2024.

Willie J. and his team are on a pure mission to create more hope through arts and entertainment while empowering more people and changing more lives.

For more info please visit www.puremissionent.com or follow him on instagram:@williejpme


       3.Douglas Vermeeren

The Forbes top celebrity list would not be complete without Douglas Vermeeren. Vermeeren is an actor and stuntman making waves in nearly every genre of film. Douglas Vermeeren won a Best Actor Award for his portrayal of Billy Lachance in Jackknife and a Best Supporting Actor award for his portrayal of Leonard in Tenants.

2024 has been a busy year for Douglas Vermeeren shooting movies in North America and Europe, including starring alongside former WWE star Al Snow in Homeless for the Holidays. As Callum in Bikers Vs. Werewolves with Robert LaSardo and Michael Pare. As Denver Haywood in The Boy From Below with Dee Wallace and Leah Voysey. As Neal in Skate to Hell with Eric Roberts, Todd Bridges, Jenna Jameson and Robert Carradine.  As Bradley in Deadly Endings with Felissa Rose. And currently playing Archie Baker in the UK gangster flick Clean Right Hook.    www.DouglasVermeeren.com


  1. Peter J Solimon

Peter J. Solimon is a founding partner of Solimon | Rodgers, P.C., specializing in workers’ compensation law in Southern California. He holds a B.S. in Political Science from UC Irvine and a J.D. from Western State University College of Law. Admitted to the California Bar in 2010, he has earned recognition as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers and is a member of The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40 and Top 100. Peter is dedicated to securing substantial settlements and lifetime pensions for his clients.


  1. Juliana Plexxo

Juliana Plexxo, a Colombian-born artist based in Barcelona, excels in copperplate engravings and mixed media. Creating in the iconic Studio 46 by Joan Barbara, once frequented by legends like Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and Richard Hamilton, she continues a legacy of artistic excellence.

Juliana’s collaborative murals across the US, Colombia, and Ecuador have earned her significant recognition.

In 2022, Juliana was honoured as Young Talent of the Year by the University of California, Berkeley. Her work focuses on empowering women in the arts and blending traditional techniques with contemporary styles. Forbes named her one of the 50 most creative people in 2022. A visionary artist, Juliana is currently preparing for her upcoming exhibition, ART FOR MARINE CONSERVATION, pushing the boundaries of the art world.


  1. Marcus Skeen

Marcus Skeen relocated from Australia in 2020 and Purchased WGS Group Inc on the 1st of June 2022. Established in 2017, As A security solutions enterprise, their focus lies in the realm of physical security guards and comprehensive security solutions. Operating as a boutique-style company, they take pride in delivering superior quality services. While they acknowledge that challenges may arise, it is their unique approach to addressing and resolving issues that distinguishes them from competitors.

Since acquiring WGS Group Inc., Marcus has doubled its size and revenue, boasting a team of over 150 Security guards and expanding operations throughout California. In 2023, he opened offices in Beverly Hills and San Diego, with plans to extend to the east coast in the 4th quarter of 2024. Marcus envisions competing with major security companies while offering superior quality and direct access to the CEO.


  1. Rob Wilner

Rob Wilner, a Las Vegas native, boasts over 28 years of unparalleled expertise in the booming real estate market. His intimate knowledge of market trends and personal touch attracts a diverse clientele, from celebrities and sports figures to first-time homebuyers. Rob’s deep passion for real estate, combined with his unwavering love for Las Vegas, sets him apart as a premier agent. His dedication to client satisfaction and investment success has earned him an impeccable reputation. For those looking to buy, sell, or invest in Las Vegas, Rob Wilner is the most trusted and reliable source of expert guidance and insider information.


  1. David Olan

David Olan embraces life with unparalleled passion and dedication. As a successful attorney, he brings a unique flair to his profession, representing clients with vigour and expertise. Beyond the courtroom, David is an avid surfer and musician, frequently performing at local Malibu events. He founded the International Association of Surfing Lawyers, and his practice specializes in victims’ rights, injury law, and civil rights law. Additionally, David co-owns SeaNSoul, a charming boutique, coffee and surf shop in Malibu. This adorable spot, beloved by locals and tourists alike, offers a curated selection of gifts and beach essentials. With diverse interests and an unwavering commitment to excellence, David Olan exemplifies a life lived to the fullest. He masterfully balances a thriving law career with his love for surfing and community engagement, making a positive impact in both his professional and personal endeavours.


  1. Tiffani Teachey

Tiffani Teachey is a Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) advocate, TEDx international speaker, and international best-selling author of the children’s book What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z and two women empowerment books. She is the host of the Read It Right Radio Show on WDRBmedia. Tiffani is the owner of Thrive Edge Publishing and owner/publishing consultant of Inspired Authors Publishing. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a Masters of Science degree in Engineering Management, both from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is currently a Leadership Studies Ph.D. student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

As an engineer with more than eighteen years of experience, Tiffani has a passion for inspiring the next generation to engage in STEM careers. She was born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and enjoys travelling and being a youth mentor. Grab the free 10 STEM Scholarships and Organizations ebook at www.stemistheway.com


  1. Doug Miller

Doug Miller is the founder and owner of Zen Arts, one of the world’s leading Luxury Entertainment companies. His passion for entertainment began years ago when he worked as a performer himself and developed a successful career as an Art Director and Producer, gracing events and working with high-profile clients like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Netflix, Sony, and HBO.

Recognizing a niche for a company that combined the world’s best performers, shows, costumes, and production, Doug created Zen Arts. He is deeply involved in all aspects of the company, from costume design and music to choreography, art direction, and execution.

This hands-on approach ensures client satisfaction and repeat business. Driven by his passion and creativity, Doug, alongside an incredible team of top performers, embodies the essence of a true entertainer. Zen Arts consistently captivates audiences worldwide with its unique and mesmerizing performances.



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