Anna Duggar Doesn’t Join Family to Visit Josh Behind Bars on His 36th Birthday


Anna Duggar chose not to visit her husband, Josh Duggar, at the Federal Correctional Facility Seagoville in Texas on his 36th birthday, as family members including his younger brother Joseph and brother-in-law David Waller made the trip.

Despite being absent from the prison visit, Anna’s presence at the facility on other occasions, including fairly regular visits, indicates her ongoing support for Josh amidst his incarceration for child pornography charges.

Josh’s sentencing to 12.5 years behind bars has prompted discussions about his marriage to Anna, with some advocating for her to divorce him for the safety of their family. However, Anna remains committed to their marriage, supported by Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who financially assist Anna and the couple’s seven children during Josh’s imprisonment.

While Anna’s decision to stay with Josh has raised eyebrows, her dedication to their marriage reflects the Duggar family’s stance against divorce, despite external pressures and the challenges posed by Josh’s legal troubles.

John L. Thomas

John L. Thomas

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