Iskra Lawrence Opens Up About Rejecting “Mom Guilt” and Prioritizing Self-Care

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Iskra Lawrence: A Champion of Body Acceptance

Iskra Lawrence, a prominent figure in the body-acceptance community, reflects on her journey towards self-love and advocacy, shedding light on the challenges she faced, particularly as a new mother.

From Body Positivity to Body Acceptance

Nearly a decade ago, Lawrence became a beacon of body positivity when she joined American Eagle’s Aerie campaign, advocating for unretouched photos and embracing diverse body types. However, Lawrence acknowledges that her role has evolved over time. While she initially identified with the body-positivity movement, she now sees herself more aligned with body acceptance, recognizing the need to create space for marginalized voices. She recently declined a panel invitation upon realizing it lacked diversity, opting to prioritize inclusivity.

Motherhood: Unexpected Shifts in Body Image

In her personal life, Lawrence experienced unexpected shifts in body image after becoming a mother in 2020. Despite initial fears stemming from a past eating disorder, she found joy in witnessing her body change during pregnancy.

Navigating Postpartum Challenges

However, postpartum brought its own challenges, including unintentional weight loss due to neglecting her own health amidst caring for her newborn.

Overcoming “Mom Guilt” and Negative Self-Talk

Struggling with “mom guilt” and negative self-talk, Lawrence learned to prioritize self-care, even in small moments.

Embracing Self-Care Amidst Motherhood

Taking just 15 minutes for herself each day, she found solace in simple routines like showering and applying skincare products. Soap & Glory’s Fresh as Fig Body Butter became a favorite, offering a moment of tranquility amidst her hectic schedule.

Returning to New York: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Returning to New York, where she lived for six years, provided Lawrence with a sense of grounding and a chance to reconnect with her identity beyond motherhood. Despite the transformative experience of childbirth, she emphasizes the importance of rediscovering oneself and embracing personal growth.

Iskra Lawrence’s Journey: Navigating Motherhood and Advocacy

Iskra Lawrence’s journey highlights the complexities of motherhood, self-acceptance, and the ongoing pursuit of self-care in the face of societal pressures.

Embracing Personal Growth After Childbirth

Her story serves as a reminder that prioritizing mental and physical well-being is essential, especially in challenging times.

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