Lady Gaga Condemns Transphobic Attacks on Dylan Mulvaney: “This Kind of Hatred Is Violence”

Lady Gaga attends the 95th Annual Academy Awards on March 12, 2023 in Hollywood, Calif. Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Renowned singer Lady Gaga recently took a stand against transphobic trolls targeting Dylan Mulvaney, demonstrating unwavering support for her friend and advocating for transgender acceptance. In a powerful Instagram post, Gaga addressed the alarming wave of anti-trans rhetoric directed at Mulvaney following their joint celebration of International Women’s Day.

Expressing her dismay at the vitriolic comments, Gaga emphasized the severity of such behavior, stating, “It’s appalling to me that a post about [International] Women’s Day by Dylan Mulvaney and me would be met with such vitriol and hatred.” Refuting the notion of labeling the transphobic response as a mere “backlash,” Gaga asserted that such hatred constitutes violence and should be unequivocally condemned.

Mulvaney, who has previously faced similar attacks, notably following a promotional campaign with Bud Light in 2023, has been subjected to relentless harassment. Despite advocating for transgender visibility, Mulvaney faced significant backlash, prompting a boycott against Bud Light led by prominent figures such as Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. Criticizing the beer brand for failing to stand by her in the face of adversity, Mulvaney highlighted the importance of genuine support and solidarity.

Gaga seized the opportunity to underscore the ongoing struggle for transgender acceptance globally, acknowledging the resilience and leadership of the trans community. “I feel very protective in this moment, not only of Dylan, but of the trans community who continues to lead the way with their endless grace and inspiration,” she expressed, emphasizing the need for collective action to combat intolerance and violence.

In her impassioned plea, Gaga urged unity among women to honor and uplift all individuals, regardless of gender identity. She emphasized the importance of recognizing the complexities of transgender life and emphasized the necessity of accurate language when addressing transphobic incidents. “I love people too much to allow hatred to be referred to as ‘backlash.’ People deserve better,” Gaga reiterated, championing a message of empathy and understanding.

Lady Gaga’s vocal condemnation of transphobic attacks serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle for equality and acceptance, urging society to stand in solidarity against discrimination in all its forms. As advocates like Gaga and Mulvaney continue to amplify their voices, their unwavering commitment to inclusivity paves the way for a more compassionate and equitable future for all.

Forbes Staff

Forbes Staff

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