Paula Abdul Reveals Nigel Lythgoe’s Alleged Harassing Messages Amid Lawsuit


In recent developments, former American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance judge Paula Abdul has taken a bold step in her legal battle against TV producer Nigel Lythgoe. Abdul’s attorney has unveiled a series of disturbing messages allegedly sent by Lythgoe to Abdul following the filing of lawsuits against him.

Despite Lythgoe’s denial of Abdul’s accusations, the exposing of these private correspondences sheds light on the alleged harassment Abdul faced post-incident. Melissa Eubanks, Abdul’s attorney, highlighted the power dynamics at play, emphasizing that Lythgoe held a position of authority over Abdul in her career.

Among the revealed messages is one from 2014 where Lythgoe allegedly wrote to Abdul, “When you get back to LA, will you please make love to me! Slowly and lovingly!” Additionally, in another message, Lythgoe reportedly requested a kiss with tongues during SYTYCD auditions.

Abdul’s legal team argues that Lythgoe’s messages are evidence of frequent abusive behavior endured by Abdul during her tenure on American Idol and SYTYCD. The attorney also pointed out instances where Lythgoe acknowledged the inappropriateness of his behavior.

The unveiling of these alleged harassing messages comes as Abdul remains resolute in her pursuit of justice, determined to hold Lythgoe accountable for his actions. The exposure of these messages underscores the seriousness of Abdul’s accusations and adds weight to her legal battle against Lythgoe.

John L. Thomas

John L. Thomas

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