Prince Harry’s Envy and Resentment Towards King Charles and Queen Camilla’s ‘Happy Marriage’ Revealed


Prince Harry’s feelings of envy and resentment towards King Charles and Queen Camilla’s marriage have come to light amid reports of the Duke of Sussex’s struggles with his stepmother’s increased royal duties.

According to royal and society journalist Patronella Wyatt, Harry’s resentment stems from his belief that his late mother, Princess Diana, should be called Queen instead of Camilla. Wyatt suggests that Harry’s apparent hatred is rooted in envy of his father’s happy marriage and Camilla’s supportive role during King Charles’s battles with cancer.

Wyatt’s analysis also implies that Harry thrives on drama, as evidenced by his tendency to make disparaging remarks about his family members, particularly Camilla. Despite initially supporting his father’s marriage to Camilla, Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” published in 2023, portrayed his stepmother in a negative light, further straining their relationship.

The palace insider revealed that repairing the rift between Charles and his sons, particularly Harry, remains a significant challenge, exacerbated by the hurt caused by Harry’s memoir and his and Meghan’s departure from the British monarchy in 2020. The release of their Netflix docu-series, “Harry & Meghan,” and Harry’s subsequent book have only deepened the divide within the royal family.

Although Harry’s criticisms of his family members, including Camilla, have caused significant damage, the challenges faced by King Charles in maintaining unity within the royal family persist. Despite his efforts to navigate the fallout from Harry and Meghan’s actions, Charles continues to grapple with the repercussions of their public criticisms and strained relationships within the monarchy.

John L. Thomas

John L. Thomas

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