Taylor Swift’s ‘Cruel Summer’ Remains a Radio Favorite

Taylor Swift's

Taylor Swift’s hit track “Cruel Summer” may additionally have disappeared from the Hot 100 chart, however it maintains to thrive on different Billboard scores. Despite its absence from the maximum-ate up songs listing in the U.S., the electro-pop single nonetheless holds strong positions on of Billboard’s radio charts.

On the Adult Contemporary chart, “Cruel Summer” keeps its role at No. 2, just below Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers.” Additionally, the song secures the No. 8 spot at the Adult Pop Airplay rating, demonstrating its enduring reputation among radio listeners.


Previously, “Cruel Summer” soared to No. 1 on each of those charts, contributing to Taylor Swift’s remarkable song document of radio hits. However, the music’s elimination from the Hot a hundred may be attributed to Billboard’s rule that mandates songs spending 52 weeks on the chart to maintain a position above No. 25. With new releases from artists like Billie Eilish impacting the scores, “Cruel Summer” fell under the brink and changed into consequently dropped from the chart.

Despite its departure from the Hot a hundred, “Cruel Summer” shows no signs and symptoms of fading away whenever soon. Its persevered fulfillment on radio airplay charts indicates that the song will remain a favorite amongst listeners for the foreseeable future.

Forbes Staff

Forbes Staff

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