‘Love Is Blind’ Star Jessica Vestal Drops Clues About Dating Another Cast Member, Keeping Romance Under Wraps


Could there be love in the air for Jessica Vestal from Season 6 of “Love Is Blind”? The reality TV star hinted at a potential romance with another cast member during a recent appearance on “The Viall Files” podcast, leaving fans intrigued about her love life post-show.

Despite not finding her happily ever after through an engagement on the Netflix series, Vestal teased that she might be exploring a connection with a fellow cast member. When asked about any romantic interests she may have had in the pods, Vestal coyly responded, “Maybe. I can’t say. I’m still trying to sort certain things out right now.”

Delving deeper into her mysterious love life, the mom-of-one hinted at the identity of her potential beau without revealing names. “I had another strong connection. You could probably use context clues if you look at the cast, but I’m not saying any names because I’m still trying to sort some things out,” she shared, emphasizing her preference for keeping her cards close to her chest until she’s certain.

Vestal assured fans that once she’s ready to go public with her new relationship, they won’t be able to miss it. “Believe me, the world will be sick of me when I’m dating someone, it’s going to be so in everyone’s face. I’m going to be so public and so proud of it, you will know,” she declared, hinting at her excitement for a future romance.

While speculation swirls about the identity of Vestal’s potential love interest, fans have been quick to make guesses based on social media activity and on-screen interactions. Some have suggested Trevor Sova as a possible match, noting his tall stature and beard, while others have pointed out sightings of Vestal with Johnny McIntyre, fueling further speculation.

Addressing physical preferences, Vestal shared insights into her ideal type, revealing a penchant for tall men with beards and tattoos. Despite any deviations from her usual preferences, she remains open to exploring connections beyond her typical type.

As fans eagerly await the season finale and reunion episode, set to air in March, the mystery surrounding Vestal’s romantic endeavors continues to capture attention. Whether she finds lasting love with a fellow cast member or embarks on a new chapter outside the pods, one thing is for certain: Jessica Vestal’s journey to find love promises to keep audiences engaged and entertained.

In the world of reality TV romance, where love and drama intersect, Vestal’s story serves as a reminder that the quest for love is often full of surprises, even after the cameras stop rolling. As she navigates the complexities of post-show relationships, viewers remain invested in her journey, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in her love story.

D. Hawker | Contributor

D. Hawker | Contributor

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