Sister Wives’ Garrison Brown’s Estrangement from Father Kody Before Tragic Death


The heartbreaking passing of Sister Wives star Garrison Brown has shed light on his strained relationship with his father, Kody Brown, prior to his tragic death. The 25-year-old reality TV personality was found deceased at his Arizona home, reportedly due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, exacerbating the family’s grief amidst already difficult circumstances.

Garrison’s tumultuous relationship with his father, Kody, was no secret to viewers of the popular TLC show. Over recent seasons, their estrangement became increasingly apparent, with tensions reaching a peak during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being featured on the show since his adolescence, Garrison and Kody remained distant, and their relationship remained unresolved until Garrison’s untimely passing.

A family source revealed that despite efforts to reconcile, Garrison and Kody remained estranged, with little to no communication between them, particularly since the onset of the pandemic. The source lamented the lack of a father-son bond, highlighting their last significant interaction as a heated argument captured on camera.

The source pointed out that Kody’s distant demeanor had driven a wedge between him and his sons, with Garrison and his brother, Gabriel, bearing the brunt of the emotional strain. Kody’s inability to foster a close relationship with his children has been a longstanding issue, contributing to the ongoing family discord.

Garrison’s passing underscores the importance of addressing mental health struggles and family dynamics, especially within the public eye. His struggles with mental health and alcohol abuse were known to his loved ones, highlighting the need for open dialogue and support for those facing similar challenges.

As the Brown family grapples with their loss, their statement honoring Garrison’s memory emphasizes the profound impact he had on those around him. Despite the pain of his absence, they urge privacy and respect during this difficult time, emphasizing the significance of cherishing his legacy.

Garrison’s tragic death serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of familial relationships and the importance of nurturing connections, especially in times of adversity. As the Brown family mourns their loss, they are reminded of the value of love, understanding, and reconciliation in navigating life’s challenges.

John L. Thomas

John L. Thomas

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