Angela Bassett and 9-1-1 Cast Tease Season 7 Premiere: Shipwrecks, Romances, and Drama Await


As the highly anticipated season 7 premiere of “9-1-1” approaches, Angela Bassett and her co-stars provide a sneak peek into the epic adventures and romantic entanglements awaiting fans.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bassett, known for her role as LAPD sergeant Athena Grant, reflects on the intense filming experience of the latest disaster, involving 14-hour days in a water tank. The upcoming calamity, spread across the first three episodes, pays homage to the classic film “The Poseidon Adventure,” featuring Bassett’s character Athena and her husband Bobby (portrayed by Peter Krause) embarking on a honeymoon cruise turned chaotic when pirates hijack the ship.

Describing the intricate set designs, Krause highlights the innovative roll room, reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception,” as they navigate the perilous scenarios. Despite the show’s transition from Fox to ABC, the cast and crew embrace the opportunity to explore new narratives, supported by the network’s enthusiastic approach to relaunching the series.

Peter Krause as ‘9-1-1’ fire captain Bobby Nash. PHOTO : DISNEY/JUSTIN STEPHENS

Reflecting on the evolution of the show since its inception in 2018, Bassett acknowledges the growth in production quality, particularly in water tank scenes. The season 7 premiere promises to deliver a blend of action-packed emergencies and heartfelt moments, including the long-awaited wedding between characters Chimney and Maddie.

With the season premiere drawing near, anticipation builds for fans eager to witness the dynamic storytelling and captivating performances that have made “9-1-1” a beloved television staple. As Bassett emphasizes, the show’s ability to tackle a diverse range of life issues ensures its enduring relevance and potential for future seasons.

Aisha Hinds as ‘9-1-1’ firefighter Hen Wilson. PHOTO:DISNEY/JUSTIN STEPHENS

As the countdown to the premiere continues, audiences brace themselves for the thrilling twists and emotional rollercoaster ride that await in the world of “9-1-1.”

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John L. Thomas

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