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In the thrilling arena of music sales, Cardi B emerged victorious last week as her latest single “Enough (Miami)” soared to the top of the Digital Song Sales chart in the United States. Billboard’s latest rankings unveiled the rapper’s commanding lead, with “Enough (Miami)” selling over 37,000 copies and claiming the coveted No. 1 position. Meanwhile, global sensation BTS’s V made an impressive debut with his single “Fri(ends),” securing a solid second place with nearly 19,500 copies sold.

Meanwhile, the global sensation BTS’s V, known for his captivating vocals and charismatic presence, secured a strong position on the chart with his latest single “Fri(ends).” Landing at second place, the track garnered significant attention and enthusiasm from fans, clocking in just under 19,500 copies sold. While Cardi B’s triumph was undeniable, V’s commendable performance showcased his enduring popularity and influence in the music industry.

Despite V’s formidable presence on the chart, Cardi B’s ascent to the top spot prevented the BTS member from potentially making history on the Digital Song Sales chart. With another No. 1 hit, V could have broken out of a tie with several other esteemed South Korean musicians, including Ha Sung-woon, IU, Psy, Jin, RM, and Youjeen, each of whom has claimed the top spot on the chart once before.

As music enthusiasts continue to celebrate the chart-topping success of “Enough (Miami)” and “Fri(ends),” the competition between Cardi B and BTS’s V underscores the dynamic landscape of the music industry. With each new release, artists strive to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the charts and shaping the musical zeitgeist for years to come.