Madina Alam Frustrated After ‘Women Tell All’ on The Bachelor

Madina Alam Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Madina Alam, a contestant on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor, is still grappling with frustration following the ‘Women Tell All’ episode. While many contestants appeared to find closure during the reunion, Madina remains “super confused” about the events that transpired.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly after the taping, Madina expressed her frustration, feeling that she was merely “used as a prop” throughout the season.

The source of Madina’s frustration stemmed from a comment she made earlier in the season about feeling pressure to find a life partner due to her age, being the oldest woman in the mansion. She elaborated that her desire for family stems from not being particularly close to her own family, and shared her father’s attempts at arranging a marriage for her.

This comment sparked a series of conflicts on the show, particularly between Madina and Maria Georgas, with Sydney Gordon and Lea Cayanan coming to Madina’s defense. Madina felt frustrated by the ensuing debates, particularly when her own feelings were dismissed or misunderstood by others.

Reflecting on the situation, Madina emphasized her right to her own feelings and expressed disappointment that her perspective wasn’t fully understood or respected. She found it challenging to navigate the situation as her name became entangled in the drama, despite her efforts to avoid confrontation.

Despite the tumultuous experience, Madina expressed relief after the ‘Women Tell All’ reunion, feeling that she was able to speak her truth while maintaining her composure. She found solace in finally articulating her thoughts and emotions in a respectful manner.

Looking ahead, as Joey’s journey on The Bachelor draws to a close, with Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent as his final two contestants, viewers eagerly anticipate the conclusion airing on ABC on Monday, March 25, at 8 p.m. ET.