Julia Fox Rocks Quirky Style with Hair Extension Stilettos in NYC


Julia Fox, known for her bold and unconventional fashion choices, recently made headlines once again with her daring outfit at a promotional event for her new E! show, “OMG Fashun,” held in New York City. The actress has become synonymous with pushing the boundaries of style, and her latest ensemble was no exception. Stepping onto the red carpet, Fox turned heads and sparked conversations with her avant-garde attire.

Embracing the ongoing trend of no-pants fashion, Fox opted for an oversized black blazer paired with matching briefs adorned with an array of grooming tools intricately sewn onto the fabric. The unconventional embellishments, including nail clippers and scissors, added a unique and unexpected twist to her outfit, showcasing her penchant for creativity and individuality.

However, it was Fox’s choice of footwear that truly stole the show. The actress sported black mule stilettos covered in long platinum blonde hair extensions, creating a striking and unconventional look. While undoubtedly eye-catching, some observers couldn’t help but express concerns about the potential hazard posed by the elaborate footwear.

Despite the attention-grabbing elements of her outfit, Fox managed to maintain a cohesive and stylish aesthetic. She paired her ensemble with a white top featuring a lacy neckline, sheer black stockings, and a white handbag, creating a balanced and visually appealing look. Completing her ensemble with bleached brows, smoky blue eyeshadow, and pink lip gloss, Fox exuded confidence and sophistication on the red carpet.

This isn’t the first time Julia Fox has made waves with her fashion choices. Just days before the event, she made headlines at a Knicks game with another pantsless look, showcasing her fearless approach to style and cementing her status as a fashion icon.