Kristen Doute’s Body Positivity: Why She Stopped Weighing

Michael Simon/Startraks

In a candid conversation with Us Weekly, Kristen Doute, known for her appearances on reality TV, opened up about her journey to embrace body positivity and why she no longer weighs herself. The 41-year-old star of “The Valley” revealed that she refrains from stepping on the scale, even during doctor visits, emphasizing that she doesn’t focus on a number.

Doute recently underwent an AirSculpt transformation, a procedure aimed at permanently removing fat and tightening skin. Despite choosing the procedure, Doute clarified that she isn’t solely focused on weight loss but rather on sculpting her body to her desired shape. She expressed satisfaction with the results, highlighting the positive changes she has seen in her body without fixating on a specific number on the scale.

Known for her role on “Vanderpump Rules,” Doute shared insights into her personal journey towards self-confidence and body acceptance. She credited her supportive relationship with Luke Broderick for boosting her self-esteem, emphasizing that her decision to undergo the transformation was motivated by a desire to feel more confident in her own skin.

Reflecting on her decision to undergo the AirSculpt procedure, Kristen Doute acknowledged feeling tired of struggling with certain trouble areas, particularly as she returned to the public eye through television appearances and press events. Despite initial anxieties, she praised the cosmetic experience for its ease and the supportive environment provided by the medical staff.

Looking ahead, Doute expressed optimism about her ongoing transformation journey and anticipated continued improvements in her self-image. She emphasized that her decision to prioritize self-confidence and body positivity is rooted in a desire to feel comfortable and empowered in her own skin, rather than focusing on external validation or societal expectations.