Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen Divorcing After 13 Years


Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, a cherished Hollywood duo, have decided to end their marriage after 13 years together. The couple, known for their comedic talents on the big screen, shared the news of their divorce on social media, leaving fans surprised and saddened by the announcement. Despite their enduring relationship and the three children they share, the couple did not disclose the reason behind their decision to separate.

Their decision to part ways comes amidst recent controversy surrounding Cohen, highlighted in Rebel Wilson’s memoir, where she revealed a negative experience working with him on the film “The Brothers Grimsby.” This revelation may have added strain to their relationship, although the exact details remain private.


The pair first met at a party in Sydney, Australia, back in 2001, long before their rise to fame with iconic films like “Borat” and “Wedding Crashers.” Their bond grew stronger over the years, leading to their engagement in 2004 and the arrival of their first child shortly after.

Despite their celebrity status, Fisher and Cohen have always valued their privacy, choosing to keep details of their relationship away from the public eye. Fisher recently spoke about their decision to maintain privacy in an interview, emphasizing the importance of keeping certain aspects of their lives sacred and personal.

As they navigate this significant life change, fans and well-wishers extend their support to both Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, wishing them the best as they embark on separate paths.