Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Welcome Baby No. 2: Meet Cardinal Madden

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Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have joyously welcomed their second child, Cardinal Madden, into the world. The couple, already proud parents to daughter Raddix, shared their excitement on Instagram, expressing gratitude and blessings for the new addition to their family.

The Arrival: Introducing Cardinal Madden

In an Instagram announcement on Friday, March 22, Diaz, 51, and Madden, 45, delightedly revealed the birth of their son, Cardinal Madden. They chose not to share photos for privacy reasons but described their newest family member as “awesome” and “really cute,” spreading their happiness with fans.

Gratitude and Blessings: Spreading Love

“We are feeling so blessed and grateful,” they shared, sending love from their family to others. The couple, who exchanged vows in 2015, first became parents with the birth of their daughter Raddix in 2019. Back then, they made a similar decision to keep their child out of the public eye to safeguard her privacy, emphasizing their immense happiness and gratitude for her arrival.

Speculations and Surrogacy: Expanding the Family

Speculations about expanding their family had circulated since the birth of Raddix, with insiders revealing the couple’s interest in having more children. According to sources, Benji Madden’s desire for a big family resonated with Cameron Diaz, leading them to consider surrogacy options for their second child. The couple’s wishes were fulfilled with the arrival of Cardinal, completing their vision of a loving family.

Motherhood Reflections: Diaz’s Fulfillment

Reflecting on motherhood, Diaz has expressed profound fulfillment, emphasizing its centrality in her life. She highlighted her decision to prioritize family over career, cherishing moments spent with her children. Despite her hiatus from acting, Diaz is set to return to the screen this year in the Netflix film Back in Action, alongside Jamie Foxx and an ensemble cast.

As Diaz and Madden embrace the journey of parenthood with Cardinal joining their family, their joyous announcement continues to spread warmth and happiness to their fans worldwide.

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