Creating a positive impact, meet Corey Poirier, a multifaceted entrepreneur.

He is a best-selling author and multiple-time TEDx Speaker, and he was recently announced as one of just 15 SUCCESS Magazine Emerging Entrepreneurs.

A few professionals only work toward achieving their personal goals and aspirations in life. On the other hand, a handful of professionals and entrepreneurs believe in doing the unconventional and working toward adding more value to people’s lives through their work or all they offer. These rare gems create a positive impact, helping people become their best versions and reach their desired success. One of the finest examples of such incredible talent is Corey Poirier, who has risen as a unique, multifaceted entrepreneur from the Greater Halifax Metropolitan area.

Corey Poirier, who was recently announced as one of just 15 SUCCESS Magazine Emerging Entrepreneurs today stands tall as a unique talent in the entrepreneurial world whose work has impacted thousands of people for all the right reasons and made him an influential personality. He is a multiple-time TEDx and a keynote speaker who has spoken at events at Harvard, Columbia, MIT, UCLA, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford and Microsoft. His diverse array of accomplishments, from being a keynote speaker to radio hosting and also authoring best-selling books, has made him an inspiration for many up-and-comers across industries all over the world.

He mentions how his endless passion for speaking and leadership lies at the heart of his journey, which he believes has brought him thus far. As a speaker and leader, he has graced prestigious stages alongside notable personalities like Deepak Chopra, John C. Maxwell, and Stephen MR Covey. Leaving a lasting impact with each of his speeches, he has inspired and positively impacted the lives of thousands of attendees.

Besides his phenomenal presence and influence on various stages, he has excelled at radio shows with “Conversions with PASSION” and “Let’s Do Influencing.” With these shows, he ensured the amplification of the voices of thought leaders and changemakers to make a broader impact on a global audience. He also empowers aspiring speakers through platforms like The Speaking Program and bLU Talks, the brand he founded, and helps them hone their craft and increase their confidence to make it big in their careers.

People who know about him can’t go without defining him as a prolific writer as well. Corey Poirier has several best-selling books, including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller “Quitless: The Power of Persistence in Business and Life.” Apart from this, he has authored books like “BLU Talks – Business, Life and the Universe,” “The Enlightened Passenger: The Flight that Changes Everything,” and “The Book of Why (and How): Discover the Timeless Secrets to Meaning, Success, and Abundance.” Through each of his books, he has offered people invaluable lessons on personal development, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of passion.

He has made a prominent presence on television specials and notable publications like Forbes and He uses these platforms to spread his knowledge and expertise on leadership, business strategies, and more. Interviewing over 7,500 of the world’s top leaders, he has provided people with incredible insights.

Corey Poirier could also reach the forefront of entrepreneurship because he worked toward making a positive difference in people’s lives. His commitment to giving back to people is known by his outreach efforts, like speaking engagements with at-risk youth at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Boys & Girls Club. His dedication to mentoring the next-gen also underscores his strong belief in the transformative power of education and mentorship.

Apart from excelling in his career as a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur, speaker, and the Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple Books, and Kobo Bestselling Author, Corey Poirier also excels as a devoted father to his sons Sebastian and Alijah (AJ) and two fur babies and a loving partner to Shelley. As the founder of The Speaking Program, and bLU Talks, he helps people get regularly paid speaking engagements, learn the speaking business from A to Z, and land branded talks. As a keynote speaker, he helps clients impact change within their organizations and at their events to gain the results they seek.

Corey Poirier (@thatspeakerguy) believes in empowering others to achieve their dreams. His career success is a testament to his passion, resilience, perseverance, and purpose. The acclaimed leader inspires other leaders worldwide while continuing to make a positive difference in their lives.

Poirier’s prominent book, The Enlightened Passenger, was released through Morgan James Publishing (NY). It has been endorsed by the likes of James Redfield (Celestine Prophecy), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup), Dr. Joe Vitale (The Secret), Lisa Nichols (The Secret) and Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God), and the foreword was written by 40+ time New York Times Bestselling Author, Richard Paul Evans.

The book is a fictional parable in the vein of The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecy and follows the story of two strangers on a plane during the flight that changes everything. It’s available at bookstores everywhere.

In many ways, Poirier is the Enlightened Passenger.