Tony Child, with “Elevated Worldwide” elevates businesses, lives, and how.

The much-talked-about entrepreneur, speaker, business consulting and coaching expert, and more has transformed thousands of lives, inspiring them to be their best versions.

It may take years for some to reach their desired success, while a few others may put in every possible effort, walk relentlessly towards their goals, and, with perseverance and passion, also attain their desired success. These individuals often go ahead to inspire the lives of others and motivate them to lead a life of purpose. They ignite a sense of passion and motivation among others and lead them to become the best versions in their lives and careers, much like Tony Child has been doing all these years as a one-of-a-kind talent from Provo, Utah, the United States.

Who is Tony Child, you wonder? This incredible personality is one of the most sought-after business and motivational keynote presenters and a top-notch business consulting and coaching expert. But he is also more than what meets the eye. Tony Child, besides speaking to over 1,68,000 people all over the world with his innovative presentations for firms, business groups, associations, universities, colleges, and youth organizations, also makes sure to work with a genuine aim to bring about a positive change in the lives of others.

This unique ability to empower others and ignite passion within them while motivating them to work towards creating a lasting impact in their respective industries has helped him propel forward as a one-of-a-kind coach, consultant, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur.

Through the power of speaking, coaching, and consulting, he has created lasting change that has helped people and businesses flourish. He helps executives, business owners, and founders create purposeful success with his programs. With his insightful blogs, he ensures that people learn something new constantly to improve themselves and their businesses and teams. And, with his books, he allows people to delve into concepts and tools needed to harness the power of the mind while helping them unlock potential capacity through his compelling writing.

He founded Elevated Worldwide in 2014 to impart his knowledge and lessons to individuals and businesses worldwide. Through events and programs, his business aims to bring about a positive shift in his clients’ mindsets and lives, helping them reach the pedestal of consistent growth and success.

Through Elevated Worldwide, he and his team promise to help each client create the future they always wished for and succeed on purpose. They teach, guide, and lead by a process that has been tried and tested with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Through their decade of research, they found that the foundation of all positive change in life is summed up in one word – Gratitude.

They are known for their world-renowned Gratishift program, where they help people and organizations create lasting change around the globe. Not only that but through Elevated Worldwide, Tony Child and his competent team also certified thousands of coaches across the world on how to implement a process of gratitude in their coaching business.

With Elevated Worldwide’s premiere process, Tony Child says they have created a proven system for people and businesses to find fulfillment and achieve 7X higher. The founder is glad and proud of how far they have reached with the company, where they find passion in systems, daily processes, and programs that have the power to transform and, in truth, elevate lives to higher growth and success.

Elevated Worldwide has today risen as a top-notch business coaching and consulting company, helping people create abundance and a positive mindset and mentality through their proven systems, events, programs, and daily processes.

Still, wondering how to go about it with Elevated Worldwide? Well, Tony Child explains what people can do. “It’s simple,” he says. First, they need to register for the Pivot Point Person Event or the Live without Limits Virtual Experience. Secondly, they must join the I Can & I Will Free Facebook Group and lastly, they can lead toward their transformation and reimagine possibilities by taking advantage of a free clarity call.

Besides doing exceedingly well and transforming lives with Elevated Worldwide, Tony Child also successfully runs another business called “Breakthrough Mastermind,” which has consistently grown as the #1 community for Scale, Launch, and Growth.

Tony Child (@tonychild_), be it with Elevated Worldwide or with Breakthrough Mastermind, has committed himself for years to helping people create success on purpose with the power of a positive mindset. Speaking at prestigious venues, meeting different people, and turning them into thought leaders and successful personalities has always kept him driven in his career and life.

Today, his name is synonymous with success in the realms of coaching, speaking, and consulting, thanks to his winning programs, events, strategies, and processes. He believes in continuously enhancing people’s personal and professional ecosystems, helping them align passion, purpose, and profit.