Meet Kohila Sivas, revolutionizing education and transforming lives.

A Master Wholistic NeuroGrowth Learning Success Coach, Kohila Sivas is excited to introduce a new platform, “Personal Development 4 Parenting.” 

Many professionals across sectors often aim to achieve their personal goals and aspirations; however, a few rare gems push boundaries and choose unconventional paths with the genuine aim to add more value to people’s lives through their work. These professionals, experts, leaders, and top voices across niches have reached the forefront of their industries because they believe in creating a lasting positive impact on others. This is exactly what Kohila Sivas, a visionary in the educational and coaching sector has done in her over two decades of successful career.

In an ever-evolving education sector where individualized approaches have been impossible to implement, Kohila Sivas made this the center of her methodology. She wanted to demystify learning for all types of learners.  Since her beginning days a tutor and teacher she has been redefining learning, and through her coaching programs, she has impacted thousands of students while empowering educators and parents.

Her soon-to-be-launched “Personal Development 4 Parenting” platform is gaining massive support already, considering the history Kohila Sivas has created with her incredible work in the world of education. She is confident that it will revolutionize how parents parent their kids and how they navigate their kid’s education.

She recalls how, over 25 years ago, she envisioned transforming the education sector and thus began her journey first as a math tutor and then into the classroom. This later led her to create groundbreaking brands such as MathCodes, Learning Success Academy, Learning Success Coaches, Holistic AI Marketing, and now Personal Development 4 Parenting.

Each of her ventures is a testament to her passion for modern-day approaches to education, and parenting, her commitment to bringing change, and her holistic approach to fostering educational excellence, personal growth, and business innovation.

Her initiatives have redefined the paradigms of learning and coaching through her one-of-a-kind methodologies, benefiting students, parents, educators, and businesses alike.

At the core of her unique methodology are the Meta-Learning DeStress Method and MindWork Framework, which aim to address fundamental learning obstacles and adopt unconventional teaching methods. By combining life and learning coaching with cognitive coaching, she has successfully fostered collaboration among students, parents, and educators, ultimately enriching a holistic life and learning journey.

Speaking more about her upcoming unique Personal Development 4 Parenting platform, she highlights how she plans to equip parents with the right insights, curated knowledge, and resources to navigate their children’s learning and life with confidence. The platform will equip parents with skillsets, mindsets, toolsets, and action sets to be confident parents making their parenting an enjoyable and exciting adventure.

Besides transforming the learning and parenting experience by introducing her new platform, Kohila Sivas has also been helping educators’ professional development. Learning Success Coaches offers certification programs that enable teachers to implement holistic neurogrowth coaching methodology, which ultimately improves students’ learning experiences, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

Learning Success Academy fosters individualized, personalized, and customized coaching to help children unlock their full potential with a holistic neuro-growth learning approach. This unique approach, Kohila explains, is about helping children set up a winning mindset, needed skills, customized action sets, and a personalized tool set that are in alignment with how they learn and cater to every child’s needs and uniqueness. All her coaches have a passion for coaching struggling unmotivated learners. Unlike traditional methods, their unique methods harness the child’s strengths and help turn weaknesses into the child’s superpowers.

With Learning Success Coaches, she has pushed further boundaries as she remains committed to transforming the teaching careers of educators. It is a community with dedicated educators certified under the proven SuccessCodes Method. Offering ICF-approved and accredited training programs for teachers, she helps passionate teachers regain their motivation and fulfill their purpose. She transforms them into trusted mentors and wholistic neurogrowth coaches, who can offer high-level support to families and students. Kohila Sivas’ unique method empowers educators to build profitable and independent coaching practices that help them achieve exceptional results while maintaining a fulfilling life-work balance.

With the launch of her upcoming Personal Development 4 Parenting, Kohila Sivas wants to provide the support that 21st-century parents need to raise happy and resilient kids who can adapt to an ever-changing world.

Through the “Personal Development 4 Parenting” platform, she wants to empower parents with the tools and resources to support their children’s learning and personal growth, creating a ripple effect of positive change across communities globally. The platform also holds massive potential for entrepreneurs and educators, providing them with collaborations, networking, and professional development.

Kohila Sivas concludes that her new platform will help parents gain a wealth of resources while also uplifting educators and assisting students to reach their full potential. By championing holistic approaches and empowering parents she is signifying a transformative step in the industry. Her mission is to impact over 1.5 million students by 2035 and help parents raise happy successful kids.