Revolutionizing Investment Access: The DiversyFund Story

Craig Cecilio’s brainchild, DiversyFund, came into being in 2014, riding the wave of the 2012 JOBS Act. This visionary platform, spearheaded by Cecilio and his co-founder Alan Lewis, was born out of a desire to break down barriers in investment access. Leveraging the JOBS Act’s Reg A+ exemption, which allowed non-accredited investors to participate in private security offerings, Cecilio and Lewis launched DiversyFund in 2016 with a mission to democratize alternative investments and private markets, regardless of one’s financial standing.

Fast forward to today, DiversyFund stands tall as a beacon of this vision, boasting a community of over 30,000 investors and approximately 700,000 members. Managing assets ranging from $250 to $300 million, the platform recently unveiled its fourth fund, featuring a sought-after multifamily Real Estate Fund valued at $75 million, constrained only by regulatory limits.

Through relentless technological innovation, DiversyFund has cemented its position as a leader in the field. Their tech arsenal includes a seamless payment processing system, an intuitive app, and a robust data warehouse, all geared toward enhancing the investor experience.

Looking to the future, DiversyFund anticipates exponential growth in 2024. They’re gearing up for strategic partnerships with influencers, collaborators, and top talent to introduce groundbreaking products and broaden their global footprint. This ambitious expansion plan, coupled with their steadfast dedication to financial inclusivity and wealth parity, positions DiversyFund as an attractive opportunity for influencers and talent seeking alignment with a forward-thinking company at the vanguard of investment innovation.

Collaborating with DiversyFund isn’t just about joining a company; it’s about embarking on an unparalleled journey to reshape the investment landscape and empower investors worldwide.